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 The day before yesterday it rained fiercely, left field lol. The only reason why it's note-worthy is that I'm 99% positive I saw ball lightning. Which is utterly horrifying because I only learned about it this year and it pretty much made me neurotic as hell just reading it, but seeing it somewhat close by made me-- sorry to be dramatic, but-- made me want to burrow into the dirt and never come out ever again.
It pretty much looked like this image, with the zig-zaggy tail on the end, but the whole thing itself was MUCH larger than it appears in this image:

It was running across a power-line right next to the highway we have in view of our patio and it was very bright cyan. The noise it made was awful; it reminded me of the noises you hear when a piece of media is trying to depict a mad scientists' lab. Very loud buzzing and humming that was oscillating in deep tones.
I am actually surprised I didn't pass out or something. I screeched "THERE IT IS" (warning Mike since he was closer to the windows) and basically got paralyzed in fear, as my dumb ass is wont to do when I perceive threats. -_-
Anyway I am not happy with it even still. It just figures the one thing I never wanted to see or experience ended up happening. I am very very very VERY grateful that it was moving near the power-line and NOT coming our way. I hear they can pass through windows so. Yeah. Relieved. VERY VERY VERY VERY RELIEVED. ;-;

Our four day weekend (that Mike scheduled off a long while ago) is this week and it's so nice to know that the week is short and that we can take it easy coming up. I was tempted to take time away from the computer but I think I'll just limit my time instead of isolate myself completely. Some time online, but mostly off so I can go swimming. As much as I'd like to spend time walking around the lovely nearby neighborhood it's just too hot.
Mike wants to use the grills that are by the pool to cook fajitas, and while I don't normally like fajitas, I've never had any made by him, so I'm excited to try them for once. I made rice last night but I'm not entirely sure if it'll last long enough until the weekend lol. But ever since I taught him how to make my special rice, he does such a good job making it that maybe I'll ask him to cook that, too!! XD
It was funny because he was talking about fajitas, and then we went to the grocery for milk and bread essential things, and they had a huge combo deal coupon bonanza thingy with fajitas haha. So we got our fajitas with free cheese, guacamole, salsa, and soda!
Not to mention he said he'd be happy to take me out when the weekend comes around, too, so I get to look forward to swimming, big eats, and shopping! I am PUMPED!

Cami gets taken back to MIL this week and I'm so excited to vacuum the floors LOL. She tracks so many leaves and twigs for being a tiny little fuzzball! But she's been pretty awesome this time around. Only peed in the apartment twice! That's gotta be a record. And luckily she pees on a potty pad so it's not like she's messing up our carpets or floors or anything. 
I feel grateful that she's a smart little thing and is willing to work with us instead of doing what she does when living with MIL... Which is peeing (and pooping) on carpets.

...Yeesh, just remembering that she does that around MIL reminds me why I'm glad that she doesn't want to try and get a house with us again. :') I don't miss that at all bahahahahaha. But I do miss cheaper bills and bigger spaces. 
We are having to renew our lease this month and the prices are staggering. And they're only willing to shave $10 off this new price! What a fucking joke. I'm trying to look on the good side, like this place is great and I adore that the appliances are a little newer (and work for the most part), and rent-free, but gosh I just don't know if I can say that it's all that worth it. If they'd keep the price we initially started at, then YEAH it'd be worth it! Just reminds me that I really need to figure out a way to guarantee get into Mike's job so we can just snag a small little decent starter home and comfortably pay all that shit off. ....As always, easier said than done.

We finally got (at least) a doctor figured out! We have to do this biometric screening thingy come next week to see if they'll lower our insurance for being healthy, so we picked out the doctor that's closest to us and can take our insurance. Mike was a true gentlemen and handled the appointment setting up after I found the doctor and information, etc. This is why he's the best, because he understands that I'm a huge wimp too anxious to even call someone, and I understand that he's too damn lazy to figure out what's what. LOL. Perfect pair! (cackles)
OMG that reminds me, they try and advertise it as 'HealthyMe' screenings, and since the gist is that the healthier you are all in all, the better your insurance rates will come out, I keep telling Mike that they're gonna figure out that we're DespicableMe's. I'M SORRY BUT IT MAKES ME CRACK UP EVERY TIME AND IT'S STILL FUNNY. We just call it 'despicable me' now, I had to look up that it was called a biometric screening in the pamphlet just for this entry LOLOLOLOL.

Anyway!! XD
In small potatoes news: My closed species I made is sort of moving forward, but I'm starting to see the difficulties of keeping it free-form for the most part.
Lots of people trying to skirt around my 'rules'... Which aren't that difficult to begin with... It's hard to want to put my foot down because 1) who cares, honestly? and 2) i really don't want to look like a jerk... But I mean, c'mon, I tried to make it as simple as possible.

Another little issue with the species thing is that weebly won't let me update my webpage and it's where I put all the big info and rules. They want me to give them my phone number to make sure I can confirm a code (aka spam prevention that's OTT). Seriously? I even tried emailing them to work around it and nada. That doesn't reassure me in the slightest, lol.
But whatever, it's not like my shitty flipphone is worth a damn... I only use it to call Mike. No friends to text and I already get spam from whoever the previous number owner was! (eye roll)
The whole point of bringing this up is that I'm getting annoyed with these strangers asking for slots and doing a bad job listening to my rules, so I'm closing the free slots soon... And will be uploading the OTAs I made! The offers will only be available for a week, so hopefully that keeps people from sitting on giving out an offer.
I hope they go over well! I'm kind of worried; every time I ask people what they think about offering on my OCs, they say one thing and then take a hike when I actually get the ball rolling. And like I told everyone, I was way more excited to see MYOs than making ones to be offered, so if I start seeing people whine about how I closed the free MYOs after I unveil the OTAs, I will choke a bitch....

lol. The drama in this entry alone! At least it's all good, overall. I'm feeling chipper today because MY WEEKEND IS AROUND THE CORNER, I TELLS YA! Have a good Monday, friends!

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Jul. 14th, 2017 05:57 pm
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 I have slept so much lately, like omg. From 11 pm to 8 am for three days straight levels of too much sleep. I don't know if I'm refreshed..... I suppose....?

I'm finishing up a movie I started last Friday called The Newton Boys. What could possibly be an entertaining premise (based off of real life events) is made dull and.. I don't know. More dull. It's kind of fun to see all the outfits and scenery, but other than that, bleh.
Though I have to admit it is so so so SO much fun, to me, to think about the life, and to put it bluntly, the lifespan of people from these eras. Like how exciting is it to consider these brothers were robbing banks in 1919 but most of them lived well into the 1970s-80s? That blows my mind. Imagine going from such low tech to modern freaking marvels....! I swear I have stars in my eyes right now haha.

Artfight is finally draining me (quelle surprise). In too deep now to take a long break though, because I have a lot of people that have sent me a drawing that I need to 'revenge' on. It's not necessarily required to revenge back, but I feel it's only fair. I'm hoping maybe having a big break today until Mike comes home will help a bit. If not at least I have one person who's been keeping their revenges sketchy with me!

Positive art related note though, I asked if people wanted to get customized closed species made by me, and I got a few responses. I'm not sure if it was because i accidentally set the poll to 'visible responses' but it was nothing but 'yes'es! So instead of focusing on drawing great shit for artfight I've just been spending all my efforts on these custom CSes. It's actually entertaining and not so draining compared to trying really hard to figure out other peoples OCs, so of course I'm gravitating toward it and am NOT READY to give it up!! :'(
And today I had a wild hair and wanted to make something a lil different from my norm so I'm working on that, too... All this OC crap is just a sign that I need to take a humongous break, because before 'properly utilizing' TH, I didn't give a flying fuck about this niche whatsoever. I'm not saying I don't like it, but more like I just worry that I'm only enjoying it because seeing other people has sort of conditioned me or something? I don't know. I'll shut up now lol.

Things overall have been alright. Nothing special and nothing extremely good, but I'm totally in the school of 'no news is good news'. Furthermore I don't get out often beyond walking the dog, so I definitely don't have anything ~fun to say.
OH, the most notable thing is one morning was so humid and funky that I got the living daylights bit out of me in the span of 10 minutes and have been scratching since, fucking mosquitoes!!! THAT'S MY NEWS. lol

Since we mowed (err, rather, Mike mowed because we thought the weed-whacker was dead but it wasn't. OTL) last weekend, we get to relax this one. Yay!
And... Mike has finally decided to move on from the side job of mowing this month and it'll be our last. Since overtime is pretty much a guarantee at his job always, he'll just make that extra money in way less time-- and with way less labor. And less gas money wasted! haha. Basically it's a win/win because trying to mow in this goddamn heat is the worst. And I don't even want to know what its like in the winter.
I'm mostly sad this'll never happen again because it was fun to sometimes check out downtown and have a reason. We don't ever go without provocation so who knows when the next time we'll go down there will be!

Y'know what, after I write this and finish up my character I'm drawing, I'm going to try and give Tropico 5 a spin for the millionth time. It's been too difficult but maybe due to boredom I'll pay attention a little more this time. Either that or give up and play Tropico 4 again. bahaha. Either way I'm in the mood to micro manage responsibly. 8)

Hopefully everyone's Friday is going well! ♥

↑ omg, this gif! XD

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Jul. 13th, 2017 01:29 am
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So my internet problems continue to piss me off…some days it works for a longer time than others, but it ALWAYS only starts working at night and will stay on until early in the morning, and it’s both frustrating and weird af. (I still think something is wrong with either the modem or the dish to where it overheats or something and can’t work anymore when it’s too hot, but who knows.) But whatever, I’ll just deal with it until I leave, whenever that is!

The BF’s mom and dad just left on vacation for a few weeks, which means he and I can hang out there and I can use theirs while they’re gone. Supposedly their data reset after they paid the bill today? I’m not sure if that’s even true or not, but I guess I’ll see. I mean, the only way I could really see how much data is left is to log in to their online account, and ofc I can’t/won’t do that. :/

It’s pathetic and sad and also makes me feel like a total bitch that I’m glad they left on vacation just so he and I can have a place to hang out alone and be able to cook some food together and stuff. I want our own place so bad so it can be like that every damn day, and I hope we’re able to get back on track with that soon. I’ll talk about it again whenever I have more news there. ;_;

Anyway…other than that art stuff is all I’m ever focused on. XD Right now I’m trying to be less bitter about everything in regards to the usual attention thing. It seems like all the sites I’m on are a little more dead than usual lately, and a lot of people just aren’t around or have gone quiet, so what can you do? And the people who do comment/fav/reblog/etc are SO sweet and supportive and I’ve really been taking that to heart too. Not that I didn’t before, of course!! But lately, IDK why, it’s somehow been easier to focus more on all the nice ppl and their support rather than those who ignore me, and I sure hope this feeling lasts! XDD

And I’m still being indecisive about really making a new tumblr for the NSFW stuff. My main motivation for doing that would be to avoid “upsetting” my followers who seem to be…more sensitive to things, let’s put it that way XD, but then I think like…well, I kinda don’t want people following me anyway if they’d really be the type to pitch a fit over the relatively tame kinda shit that I draw so…maybe I ought to keep doing what I’m doing and hope that they would unfollow me without a fuss if I ever really do post something that offends. :/

Also been working a lot on my TH profiles too, and am happy to say I added the theme music back! (So important! XD) I decided that I like the idea of it too much to leave it out just because I can’t think of themes for all my OCs yet, and that it’s “okay” for some of their profiles to not all be exactly the same.


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