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Well, here we go. My Luca/'Cready fic. D: (The first one anyway.) I'm sooo nervous to post this. 😰

8,136 words
NC-17 rating for (awkward) sex scenes

Yeah, so...I really have a lot of problems with this and I hate it more every time I read it. XD Aside from the writing just not feeling like it's good the pacing also feels off in a few places (like it moves along too fast or some of the scenes are too short), and don't even get me started on how bad I think the porn part is. :x The duffle bag Luca carries around is supposed to represent their inventory, instead of them just being able to pull items out of thin air like in the game, and since the drive-in they go to is an actual location in the game and not something I made up I ended up not really describing it very well, either. :/

((If anyone should happen to read this please do not feel obligated to comment on it! Especially if you think it totally sucks, haha! XD))


For what felt like at least an hour MacCready waited as his friend rummaged through an old, abandoned warehouse, his impatience growing by the minute as he paced around among the shipping containers out front. The sounds of various junk items clattering to the concrete floor inside made him wary of drawing unwanted attention, and he kept an eye out for Raiders and ghouls all the while.

Since he wasn't the most technically inclined person in the world, and because it was absolute torture for Luca to spend even a minute explaining to him what he was looking for, being the lookout was all he could do. And though he appreciated the opportunity to have a smoke in the meantime he had grown tired of feeling useless, and finally decided to see what the holdup was.

He took the last drag from his cigarette, exhaling with a loud huff of annoyance as he flicked it to the ground and headed back in.

Peering around a stack of metal crates, he saw Luca crouched on the floor in front of some shelving, tossing aside anything useless and setting everything else in a pile beside him. He was muttering to himself, almost inaudibly, but a few curse words and the phrase "stupid fucking settlers" caught the younger man's ear.

"…I swear to God, these people wouldn't know their asses from a hole in the ground." Luca said, loud and clear once he sensed MacCready's presence behind him.

"Uh-huh. So did you find what you were looking for yet so we can get the heck outta here?"

"Does it look like it? The radiation must be slowly eating away at all your brains because, apparently, I'm the only one on earth who knows how to maintain a goddamn generator!"

MacCready scowled at the back of Luca's head, flinching at the clang of a rusty wrench being slammed to the ground in anger.

Both men were prone to throwing around insults and having hissy fits like these, but Luca had been at it all day, to the point where even MacCready could say it was a bit much.

"Maybe we should just go back." he said, with obvious concern.

"Ha, yeah, maybe we should. Let them try and figure it out for themselves instead." Luca scoffed, still sorting through the junk, "You people don't even have the sense to bathe yourselves, how have you managed to survive this long?"

MacCready rolled his eyes.

"Oh, come on, you can't possibly think you're superior to everyone else just because you know about machines and wash your hands excessively."

"When's the last time you took a shower? Seriously?"

"Tch, whatever. You wouldn't even be alive right now if it weren't for me!" MacCready countered, crossing his arms and puffing out his chest proudly.  "Remember that bloodbug the other day? The one that snuck up on you? It would've sucked the brains right out the back of your head if I hadn't been there to take it out!"

And he grinned to himself, feeling as though he made his point, and awaited Luca's reply.

"Please. I'm sure I could've handled it myself."

"You-you…Are you being serious right now?!"

"Uhhh, yeah, I have a gun too, don't I?"

Shock, anger, and hurt hit him all at once at such a flippant response. He wasn't expecting praise, but at the very least he hoped his friend would be appreciative.

"Well, FINE then!" MacCready spat back, with enough bitterness in his voice it made Luca tense up, surprised at such a strong reaction to what he thought was just playful teasing. "If I'm really so useless to you then I may as well leave! All this time I thought you actually needed me, but it sounds like you'd be better off alone. Well, so be it then!"

He had turned halfway, prepared to storm out of the building, when Luca calmly stood, dusting his hands off before finally turning around to face him.

"Listen, for the past few months you and I have spent practically every waking moment together, dealing with all kinds of bullshit and having to put up with each other all the while. Nobody else to talk to, sometimes going days without seeing another human face…"

The words themselves weren't exactly kind, but the gentle tone in which he spoke them was what really got MacCready to stick around.

"…And, honestly? I've never been able to stand being around anyone else for so long, nor would I want to. I do need you. Don't go."

The young man's eyes widened in surprise, his face feeling flushed, and he quickly turned away and looked down at the ground, the brim of his hat concealing his reaction.

"Uh, we-well then…m-maybe you should start doing a better job of showing it then!" he stammered.

"Alright, fine."

After a few seconds of awkward silence Luca went back to his business, and that was it. MacCready didn't look up until he heard him begin shuffling through boxes again and was certain his back was turned, still in shock, and already kicking himself for not saying more.

Days after that little "confession" it was business as usual between them and was never discussed again, though MacCready couldn't get it out of his mind. Trust and friendship were two things he never took lightly and were difficult for him to build with anyone, and yet in the short time they had known each other he felt both so strongly with Luca, bonding with him more than he ever thought possible again.

They truly had been through hell and back together, and though they often bickered and got on each other's nerves Luca had been there for him and risked his life to help him when no one else would. And neither could anyone else stir up so many passionate and conflicting feelings in him all at once, sending him into a rage one minute, making him laugh the next, and at all times filling him with more pent-up sexual frustration than he knew what to do with.

He wondered if Luca thought about any of it too, and more importantly, how deeply he felt for him in return. As well-spoken as the older man was kind words and affection didn't seem to come easily to him, and he knew it was a "big deal" for him to simply admit he cared for him at all. Even if he did feel silly for making those empty threats about leaving he was glad it got such a reaction out of him. (And he did note that Luca seemed to be in better spirits and was treating him more nicely ever since.)

It had been a fairly quiet day of hiking, still several miles from the noise and danger of the city they were headed to, giving him plenty of time to reflect on it all. But as soon as he noticed the daylight fading he snapped out of it in an instant, already leery of what could be lurking in the shadows.

As they passed a row of abandoned houses he stopped in his tracks, which Luca took notice of right away.


"This looks like an okay place to rest for the night, doesn't it?" MacCready asked hopefully, gesturing with his rifle to a small, one-story house that looked only slightly less decrepit than the others on the block.

"Hm, I'll be the judge of that…"

The front door opened slowly, and with a loud creak, and the two men stepped inside cautiously, both guns drawn. The moonlight coming in through the open windows and a hole in the roof did a decent enough job of illuminating the place, but Luca turned on his Pip-Boy light and made a quick pass over the living room with it just to be on the safe side.

He crinkled his nose at the peeling, moldy wallpaper and dusty old floors and furniture, but otherwise saw nothing to be concerned about. Satisfied they were alone, he took a seat on the couch, dropped his duffle bag on the coffee table in front of it, and immediately began digging through it. MacCready sat close beside him, their knees almost touching, and leaned in curiously. He was just about to ask what he was looking for when he pulled out a full, unopened bottle of bourbon.

His eyes lit up and he grinned excitedly at the sight of it, causing Luca to smile and chuckle softly at his reaction.

"Yeah, I thought you might like it." he said, handing the bottle over just as MacCready eagerly reached out for it.

"Where'd you get it?"

"I found it in the office of that warehouse the other day and wanted it to be surprise." Luca replied, pulling two shot glasses from the bag and setting them on the table. "I thought about saving it for a special occasion or something but, since there's not much chance of that happening anytime soon, you know, what the hell. Now's as good a time as any."

"Ha, amen to that!"

And with that MacCready cracked open the bottle and filled each glass, not even bothering to see if Luca wanted to be the one to do the honors. (Luckily, he didn't seem to mind.)

They clinked the tiny glasses together and drank at the same time, both wincing as it burned going down.

"Ah, you know, this used to be pretty expensive back in the old days." said Luca, squinting at the label.

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah, whoever stashed it in that place must've been saving it for something special, too." he continued, pouring himself another glass. "Well, lucky for us they're long dead and we're the ones who get to enjoy it. Only other time I got to have any of this was at a New Year's Eve party, back when I was around 25 or so..."

MacCready smiled as he watched him take the next drink, listening with interest as he began to reminisce about the past. As long as Luca wasn't complaining about how stupid he thought people were these days he enjoyed hearing about what life was like before the war, not only because it was interesting, but because he knew it was his way of opening up to him, too.

As he told his story MacCready hardly noticed how many more shots he had compared to him, and before they knew it the bottle was more than two thirds empty and Luca was fully drunk.

"…And once they got done pulling the car out of the ditch I realized it wasn't even mine! Took the wrong keys, I guess!"

"Oh, man! So what happened to your car then?"

"It was home the whole time! I completely forgot I had taken the subway that night!"

MacCready laughed and shook his head while Luca topped off his glass and knocked it back, dribbling a little down his chin in the process.

"Ah, so anyway, I wonder what the bed situation is in this house." said Luca as he stood, wobbling a bit and taking the bottle with him.

It was then that MacCready realized he was pretty tipsy, noticing how little was left in the bottle, and the way he staggered to the next room.

"Ha, hey, wait for me!" he called out with a laugh as he leapt from his seat, just as the other man rounded the corner to the bedroom.

When he entered the room and saw Luca simply flop face down on the bed without first inspecting it for "filth" he knew for certain he was drunk.

"Alright, now let me have it before you go and hog the whole darn bottle." MacCready teased, taking it from him as he climbed into bed and lie on his side next to him.

Luca slowly rolled over onto his back, groaning all the while, as MacCready took a swig and set it on the nightstand.

"There any left?" he grumbled.

"A little, but it's mine. I hardly got any, y'know!"

Luca just groaned again in response, rubbing his face.

"Man, you are gonna be soooo hungover tomorrow."

"Yeah, yeah, it's….whatever. I need 'a piss."

He got back up and headed for the bathroom as MacCready watched in amusement, making sure to finish off the bottle while he was gone. He found it funny how Luca always insisted upon using toilets whenever he could, even when he knew the plumbing didn't work. It was part of his obsession with cleanliness, he guessed.

When he returned a few minutes later it seemed the alcohol had really hit him hard and he stumbled in the doorway, having to catch himself on the frame. MacCready sat up, getting ready to pick him off the floor if he had to, but Luca managed to make it to the bed, crawling right back into his same, face-down position. He groaned again and MacCready patted him on the shoulder.

"Eh, guess you better try and sleep it off now. Teach you not to be so selfish next time!" he joked.

He received no response, assuming Luca had passed out, and rolled back over onto his side, facing the wall this time. Even though he was still buzzed from the bit of bourbon he had and wasn't tired yet he knew he had to at least try and get some sleep. He took off his hat and put it next to the empty bottle before snuggling into the bed, sliding the only available pillow underneath his head as he sighed contentedly. It was so much more comfortable than anything else he had slept on recently, and was in surprisingly good shape for something so old.

But for him, anyplace felt nice and cozy as long as he had Luca sleeping beside him. Ever since the first time he told MacCready he was welcome to share his bed with him he would always make himself at home and climb on in whenever there was room, and he liked to think Luca enjoyed his company, too.

With a soft smile he began drifting off after a few minutes, lulled to sleep by the sound of his friend's gentle breathing.

The bed creaked as Luca moved around, but MacCready paid it no mind, assuming he was just changing sleeping positions. He didn't notice him inch closer, nearly asleep at that point, but was wide awake in an instant when he felt Luca's hand on his waist.

He gasped aloud, but didn't speak, his heart pounding as the other man's hand slowly slid around to his front, a finger grazing the hem of his pants. The mattress squeaked again as Luca pulled himself closer, pressing his chest against the younger man's back. His lips touched his neck, and his breathing, now heavy and ragged, fell upon his skin, the warmth of it causing MacCready to let out a whimper.

Whether Luca was doing this all unknowingly in his sleep or not he wasn't sure, though he was in no state of mind to process it at the moment.

Luca finally broke the silence, his words slurring and his voice huskier than usual.

"D' wanna fuck me?" 

MacCready shivered, a sudden rush of heat coming over him as Luca pressed his mouth into his neck.

"Les' just…c'mon…"

He was drunk out of his mind and MacCready knew it was wrong, but he let it continue a bit longer, unable to find it in himself to stop it just yet. Luca ran his hand down over the front of his pants, making him moan a little as he started to grope him. It had been a long time since anyone touched him like this, and it felt so good he was briefly in a daze. It wasn't until he carelessly squeezed his balls a bit too hard that he snapped out of it and remembered how wasted he was.

"Wait. S-Stop." he said, grabbing Luca's hand and pulling it away.

Luca mumbled gibberish in response and MacCready gently nudged him back, separating himself from him. He rolled over to face him, putting a hand on his shoulder as he saw the older man could barely even keep his eyes open, just lying limply on his side.

"What's a' matter…don' you wanna?"

MacCready smiled wistfully, leaning in close in an attempt to make some kind of eye contact with him.

"More than anything, but just…not like this. You're too drunk."


Luca's eyes closed, and he wasn't sure if he was picking up on anything he said, but he continued anyway.

"You're not thinking clearly, and I wouldn't want you waking up to regret it the next day. Trust me, I've been there before. And, uh, something tells me you probably have, too." he said, chuckling at that last part as Luca's eyes fluttered open again.

"I know it sounds corny but, I'd want our first time together to be something special that we would always remember."

His smile widened as their gaze finally met, feeling hopeful that he was at least somewhat getting through to him, but as all the color seemed to suddenly drain from his face and his mouth squeezed tightly shut MacCready pushed him away in a panic.

"Gah, don't you dare throw up on me!"

He scooted away, just as Luca jumped up from the bed with surprising quickness and bolted out of the room, heading outside instead of the bathroom this time.

He sat up for a moment, slightly concerned and wondering whether he should follow along or not, but figured Luca would probably be fine, and drunk or not, wouldn't appreciate anyone seeing him puke anyway. So he flopped back down on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling as his heartbeat gradually returned to normal, even as his mind continued to race.

Several minutes later he heard Luca returning and quickly flipped onto his side again, pretending to be asleep. The older man eventually lurched through the doorway, falling so heavily onto the bed it was a wonder the old thing didn't break, and passed out barely a minute later.

MacCready listened to his snoring all night, unable to get a wink of sleep himself.

Just as MacCready predicted Luca was hungover and miserable, too sick to leave the bed for most of the day. But despite his warnings he was still sympathetic to his friend, having been in the same position enough times in his life to know how awful it was.

He even sat in bed with him all day, leaning up against the headboard while Luca sprawled out, laying on his back with his head resting in his lap. He had never seen him so vulnerable before, and part of him was glad to have the chance to take care of him, as well as have him this close.

"Want more water?"

"Ugh…not right now."

Luca had his eyes squinted shut, the only thing that stopped the room from spinning, but the splitting headache that came along with it didn't seem to be going away anytime soon. He let out an agonized groaning noise and MacCready began to gently stroke his forehead, brushing aside a few strands of hair that had become damp with sweat.

"Mm, that feels nice." he mumbled, his pained expression beginning to soften.

MacCready smiled at his response and continued to pet him awhile, until he dozed off, and it wasn't long before he did the same, finally getting a little much-needed rest. They napped for a few hours, waking up together in the late afternoon.

When Luca awoke he sat up slowly, disoriented and extremely thirsty, giving MacCready an odd look when he realized he had been sleeping in his lap the whole time.

"Um…feeling better now?"

"Yeah, I guess. For the most part, anyway." Luca replied, rubbing the back of his head.

He stood carefully, his legs unsteady at first, and took the can of water from the nightstand, chugging it so fast he nearly choked.

"Hm…must be around…five o'clock…" he began mumbling to himself, looking first out the window, then down at his Pip-Boy, "Yeah, five thirty."

"Gettin' late." said MacCready, leaning over to peer out the window.

Luca snorted out a laugh.

"Late? What are you, eighty years old?"

"Aw, c'mon. You know I just meant that the sun's gonna go down in a couple hours, and you know how dangerous it gets traveling at night. This is a safe enough place, maybe we should just…wait until morning?"

"No way, this has taken us long enough as it is. We need to get moving."

MacCready sighed heavily, putting on his hat before standing. He figured that was going to be his answer, and didn't bother arguing.


Luca hated admitting he was wrong and refused to do so, even as MacCready kept on shooting him dirty looks throughout the night. As soon as the sun went down it seemed as if every damned beast in the Commonwealth decided to target them, and within the span of a few hours they found themselves fighting off mongrels and molerats, and even ducking behind a boulder to avoid a Yao Guai.

They waited it out for what felt like ages, holding their breath as the bear lumbered by, snuffling around dangerously close to their rock before the sound of its heavy footsteps began to fade out into the distance.

After a few silent moments Luca slowly and cautiously peeked his head out from their hiding place, finding it was no longer in sight.

"Is it gone?" whispered MacCready.

"Yeah, looks like it."

Luca breathed a heavy sigh of relief as he sat back down, leaning against the rock.

"Good. But…one of those things bit me, ya know." the younger man said, his voice a little louder.

"What things?"

"The molerats! Look!"

He pulled up his pant leg, revealing a small bite wound on his ankle.

"That's it? Please, it's barely a scratch." Luca scoffed.

MacCready was about to complain again, but was instead taken by surprise when he took hold of his leg and leaned in to inspect it more closely. He was also surprised by Luca's gentleness and watched quietly as he cleaned it for him, using some water from his canteen to wash away the dried blood, and his handkerchief to dry it.

"Yeah, it'll be fine." he concluded. "Trust me. I was a field medic back in my army days, I can tell."

"Oh, uh, well, okay. Thanks then."

Luca smirked, pulling his pant leg back down for him.

"You're just trying to make me feel guilty, aren't you?"

MacCready turned away, slightly embarrassed.

"N-No…I…okay, maybe a little! But I told you so! Everything's out to get us! Maybe the bite wasn't much, but you know that Yao Guai would've torn us apart!"

"Alright, alright, fine. We'll find someplace to stop for the rest of the night."

"Okay, but where?" he asked as they both stood.

"Over there…Is that what I think it is?"


Luca pointed at an oddly-shaped building in the distance, a faint light shining in one of its windows. He grabbed his duffle bag and hurried towards it as MacCready soon followed behind, wondering what his fascination with it was.

"Huh! Yeah, it is! The old drive-in! I remember this place!"


Seeing what had become of familiar places so long after the war was always fascinating to him, and though he hadn't actually been there since his teenage years he would drive past it often, and had some fond memories.

"We can rest here for the night, but let's have a quick look around first. Make sure the coast is clear and all that."

"Sure thing."

As MacCready searched the parking lot Luca checked out the diner, glad to finally have a moment alone with his thoughts.

He was fuzzy on all the details, but could vaguely remember fondling MacCready last night, or at least trying to, and was surprised neither of them had brought it up yet.

When he first laid eyes on the scrawny little man he didn't look like much, and he almost laughed at the tough guy act he saw him putting on for those thugs in the bar, though he did admire the way he stood his ground. He came to find he was always like that, never letting himself get pushed around or fooled by anyone, including him. And though they soon warmed up to each other MacCready was always quick to speak up when he disagreed, called him out on all his bullshit, only laughed at his jokes when he actually found them funny, and never once kissed his ass. For that, he respected him, and knowing all the kindness and devotion he showed was completely genuine made him feel for him, too.

If he had met him a few hundred years ago he could've seen himself dating a guy like him and bringing him to this place: they'd sneak in a bottle of liquor, do a few shots as they laughed at how stupid the movie was, and hopefully, end up fooling around in the backseat.

"What are you smiling about? Find something good?"


MacCready caught him off guard, making him fumble and drop the box of snack cakes he was holding.

"I…uh…no, nothing…I was just…thinking about something funny, that's all."

"Oh. Well, I didn't have much luck, either. Just a couple caps."

"Alright, well, let's see if there's anything up there." Luca replied, motioning to the stairs leading up to the projection room.

Old bones and a dingy mattress were all they found, and as MacCready walked out the door that opened onto the roof Luca dragged it out and set up, facing the movie screen across the lot.

"What're you doing?"

"I wanted to show you something. Sit down." said Luca, as he did so himself.

He patted the mattress, smiling up at him and inviting him to take a seat, and MacCready gave him a shy smirk before sitting beside him.

"So, see that over there?" asked Luca, pointing at the screen.

"The wall? What was it for anyway?"

"It wasn't a wall, it was a screen. See, what they would do is project movies onto it from over here and you'd watch it from your car."

"Huh. Like a big TV then? Sounds pretty neat."

"Yeah. Except, ah…Sometimes when we'd come here we wouldn't end up actually watching much of the movie."

MacCready quirked an eyebrow in confusion.

"Um…Then what was the point?"

"Well, if you were to bring someone to a scary movie, say, for example, one that was about aliens…"


The concern in MacCready's voice and worry in his eyes at the mere mention of aliens was so cute it made Luca snicker.

"Yeah, and then it gets to a scene where they start eating people, and the next thing you know your date is cuddling up to you, looking for a little…distraction."

"Hmm…Cuddling, huh?" MacCready inched a bit closer, hesitating before he leaned his head on Luca's shoulder. "You mean like this?"

Luca put an arm around him and squeezed, giving him a warm smile.

"Yeah, something like that."

"I…I've been dying to kiss you."

Luca wasn't normally the romantic type and usually preferred to skip it all and get straight to the sex if he could, but even as corny as it all was something in the way MacCready said it actually touched him, and the twinkle in his eyes was too adorable to resist. And he had certainly always wanted to kiss him, too.

"Well…I wouldn't want you to die." he said, putting a hand underneath his chin and tilting his head up, and he took his hat off him and set it aside before leaning in.

MacCready made a happy little humming noise the moment their lips touched, and they kissed long and slow, losing themselves in the moment and taking their time to enjoy it. It wasn't until MacCready lightly flicked his tongue against Luca's bottom lip that things became more heated, and his eyes widened in surprise as the older man slipped him some tongue right back, swirling it around his.

The gentle warmth that had been slowly building in him boiled over in a flash and he moaned into the other man's mouth, which seemed to spur him on further. He slid his hands around MacCready's waist and began tugging at his clothes, grunting frustratedly enough times that it made him break their kiss to see what he was up to.

"Goddamn this…fucking…" Luca cursed to himself, trying to undo the belt that held his tattered old coat together.

MacCready couldn't help but chuckle as he fumbled with the clasp, amused by his frustration over such a simple thing, and at his eagerness to get his clothes off.

"Here, here, I got it." he said finally, doing his best to stifle his laughter as he gently pushed his hands away and undid it himself.

The moment it fell open Luca wasted no time in stripping the coat off him, finding he wore a tight white t-shirt underneath. His aggressiveness made MacCready slightly nervous.

"Whoa, easy there, cowboy! Don't be…so…" he trailed off as he noticed Luca had gone quiet and was checking him out, and merely watched and waited to see what he'd do next, leaning back on his hands.

Luca had never seen him in any state of undress before, or even without long sleeves to cover his arms, and he came to find he was even thinner than he expected him to be, although not in a sickly way. He gave him a quick look up and down and put a hand on his stomach where his shirt had ridden up on him a little, slipping it up underneath the hem to pull it higher. He clucked his tongue in concern at the sight of all the nicks and bruises he had as he slowly slid his hand up along his chest, while at the same time admiring his lean body.

It was kind of ridiculous to him that just being able to touch the other man's bare skin was already getting him so excited, and he wasn't sure whether it was all because he hadn't had sex in a few hundred years or if it was a testament to how attracted to him he truly was. Maybe it was a bit of both. Either way, he felt a lot less silly about it once he noticed the very obvious erection MacCready also had in his own pants.

Their gaze met again and he found himself struck by the younger man's piercing blue eyes and his serious, seductive expression, pleasantly surprised by this new side of him. But as confident as he looked his heart pounded as though it would leap out of his chest, and he was certain Luca must be able to feel it, too. Despite his trepidation he still made the next move, and without a word, or breaking eye contact, he put his hand over Luca's and moved it down, slowly, until it was over his crotch. The older man took the hint right away, gripping him gently through his pants and causing him to let out a soft moan, instinctively raising his hips as he began rubbing it.

"Goddamn…" said Luca, feeling his dick stiffen against his touch.

MacCready wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him again, this time more passionately, as Luca continued to fondle him. But as much as he enjoyed it it wasn't enough, his pants were becoming uncomfortably tight and the fabric was too thick for the older man to touch him like he needed to be.

MacCready whimpered desperately into his mouth, louder than he meant to, and with shaky hands he reached for the front of his pants. Once his fingers found the button he hesitated at first, then quickly opened it and unzipped his fly all at once. At the sound of the zipper Luca stopped to watch, his eyes darting from the younger man's face and down to his crotch as he hooked his thumbs underneath the waistband of his underwear. MacCready bit his bottom lip shyly, watching the older man's reaction as he pulled his underwear down just far enough to let his dick pop out. The smile that spread across his face at the sight of it said it all.

"It-it's been awhile since…you know, I…I let anyone see me like this." MacCready stammered. "I mean, while I was sober, at least."
"Well, lucky me." Luca replied, surprisingly, without a trace of sarcasm. "Now, keep going."

He then began trying to yank his pants off of him, finding them difficult to pull down past the knee with all the duct tape wrapped tight around his leg. But as Luca tugged on them MacCready managed to wriggle his way out and they came off, along with his boots.

"Well, okay, this feels…awkward." he admitted, feeling a bit silly sitting in front of him in nothing but socks and a t-shirt.

Luca responded with only a shrug before crawling over him, making MacCready lie back against the mattress. His predatory grin and the glint in his eyes made him anxious again, especially as he settled in between his legs, making him spread them open. When he reached down and began undoing his belt MacCready finally spoke up.

"Hey, hey, now! Just what the heck do you think you're doing?"
"Uh…fucking you?" Luca replied, genuinely confused by his reaction. "I was just going to spit into your-"

MacCready's eyes widened and he pushed him away, defensively closing his legs and pulling them up to his chest.

"Are you crazy?!" he shrieked, his voice cracking.

His words echoed into the night as Luca sat up, grimacing in disgust. He didn't deal with feelings of embarrassment well, nor the implication that he didn't know what he was doing. (Even if, perhaps, he didn't.) MacCready could see it in his eyes and put a gentle hand on his knee as he sat up, trying to smooth things over.

"That…I don't think it would work very well. It wouldn't feel good for me." he said softly, giving him a reassuring smile, "But, there's other things we could do that I know we'd both like."

He slid his hand up along Luca's leg and on the inside of his thigh, giving it a light squeeze, making him gasp as his fingers brushed against his dick. That light touch and the lust in the younger man's eyes was all it took to get him back in the mood, making him forget about the brief moment of awkwardness.

The few experiences he'd had with men in the past were all quick and dirty; drunken mistakes he could hardly remember or a quickie with another private alone in the barracks, never to be spoken of again. Though it was difficult for him to allow anyone else to take control of any situation he realized letting MacCready guide him wasn't such a bad thing at all, his breathing quickening in anticipation as the young man unbuttoned his pants for him.

"Damn…" said MacCready, sliding a hand inside his underwear, his fingers running along the length of his cock. "You-you're…hard."
"Of course!"
"No, I just…I mean…It…it feels good…touching it like this."

He slowly stroked him up and down a few times, rubbing his thumb across the head each time, then nudged him back, making him lie down. With their positions now reversed Luca had to wonder what MacCready had in store for them, and the young man soon showed him.

He looked up at MacCready with a devilish smirk, undoing the buttons on his shirt and pulling it open as he watched MacCready finally take off his own. They both had a little laugh as he tossed it aside, accidentally throwing it off the roof, and he pulled Luca's pants and underwear off for him before climbing over him, leaning in close. He grasped the side of Luca's head gently as he lowered his hips and moved them forward, gasping as their dicks touched and brushed up against each other.

"Ahh, okay…now I'll just…like this…"
He began moving his hips slowly as Luca simply lay flat on his back, letting him get into the rhythm of it. The softness and warmth of the skin on skin contact and the intimacy of it all was more pleasing to the older man than he expected it would be, making him glad MacCready didn't let him have his way with him.

"You…you like it?" MacCready asked in a shaky, breathless voice.
"Yeah…don't…don't stop."
"I won't."

Thrilled to have his approval, MacCready seemed to lose what was left of his inhibitions all at once and surprised Luca with another deep kiss, still grinding against him all the while. His enthusiasm and intensity excited Luca just as much, and the feel of his cock rubbing along his own and against his stomach and thighs, and the way he so eagerly and passionately kissed him turned him on and got him hotter than anything.

They gasped aloud, both dying for some air when MacCready finally broke the kiss, and he pressed his mouth into Luca's neck, allowing him to feel his hot breath falling on his skin and to hear every little sound he made. His mouth hung open as he shamelessly panted and moaned, the sounds sometimes coming out as nothing more than a tiny squeak, and he ran his fingers through Luca's hair, grasping and tugging at it. And Luca slid his hands up and down his body, touching him everywhere he could, making him groan particularly loud as he grabbed his ass and began squeezing it.

Their skin had become hot and slick with sweat, though it was nothing compared to the heat burning in the younger man, and he knew he wouldn't last much longer.

"Oh, fuu-huhh…hho, boy, I'm definitely gonna come!"

Luca chuckled at his half a curse word, thinking it was a wonder he still had the presence of mind to censor himself even in the middle of an orgasm. 

And MacCready let out another loud moan, his hips jerking as he came. Luca could feel the warm wetness of it spilling out over his stomach and was aroused, yet at the same time relived he had at least opened his shirt.

MacCready then collapsed on top of him and held him tight, nuzzling against him as he panted, taking a brief moment to catch his breath while enjoying the afterglow. But Luca frowned in frustration as he lie there, refusing to hug him back, feeling so pent up he wanted nothing more than for him to finally finish him off and be done with it. But before he could complain MacCready slithered down and settled in between his legs, taking his cock in his hand.

He slowly dragged his tongue up the entire length of it before taking the head into him mouth, making Luca grab a fistful of his hair and thrust his hips upward just as MacCready bowed his head down.

MacCready made little grunting noises, his mouth quickly bobbing up and down on the head as he stroked the length of it, listening to Luca's frantic groaning and whimpering all the while. He was already so close he didn't even last a minute before he came, shuddering and arching his back as he stomped his foot heavily against the metal roof. MacCready swallowed it easily, and gave it one last good suck before he let it flop out of his mouth with a slurping noise.

"Holy fuck!" Luca exclaimed breathlessly, getting a brief glance at MacCready's smug, satisfied smirk before his head fell back against the mattress.

He took a moment to compose himself, eyes shut and his chest heaving as MacCready lie down on his side next to him. He put a hand on his chest, finally noticing how hairy he really was as he rubbed it soothingly. Luca eventually placed his own hand on top and gave it a light squeeze.

"See? Aren't you glad we waited until the right time?" MacCready asked, "Now this is something we'll always remember."

"What? Rubbing our dicks together on the roof? That's memorable?" Luca joked.

MacCready laughed, his forehead falling against his shoulder.

"Well, isn't it though?"

"I guess you've got a point there."

Luca leaned to the side and reached for his pants, pulling out his handkerchief to clean himself up with.

"And it was really good, wasn't it?" MacCready continued, a little excitement in his voice. "I mean, it sure was for me."

"Oh, yeah, definitely. Heh. You should've told me in the first place you were so good at giving head, I might've hired you for more caps. Not try and lowball you."

MacCready swatted at him playfully.

"Hey, what am I, a hooker?"

"You probably could've made a lot more money that way. Doing business in the back room of a bar like that. Just saying."

"Well, I wouldn't do that for just anybody, ya know!"

Luca turned and looked him in the eye, giving him a genuine smile.

"So...was it something you've thought about doing to me before then?"

MacCready smiled sheepishly, feeling flushed as he averted his gaze.


Luca put a hand on his cheek, waiting until he looked him in the eye again, and gave him a peck on the lips.

"Well, good, 'cause there's a lot of things I've thought about doing with you, too. But, tell me, how did you you get so good at that?"

"Uh..Well…When I was still with the Gunners, and after Lucy…you know…" he looked down at his his hand atop Luca's chest as he explained, tapping his fingers nervously, "During any downtime we'd usually end up drinking, and, well…let's just say that sometimes when you get a bunch of macho guys all liquored up and put them in close quarters, uh…stuff happens."

"Ooh…sounds hot."

MacCready snorted.

"You're such a creep, you know that? Now, c'mon, let's just get some sleep. I'm exhausted." he said, with some irritation in his voice, both because he was truly getting tired and because he wanted to get off the subject. And he yawned for emphasis.

Luca couldn't argue with that and just gave him a pat on the head in response, then reached for MacCready's coat to use as a makeshift blanket. He covered them both with it as they snuggled together on the little old mattress, trying to get comfy. After a lot fidgeting they ended up lying on their sides, finding it to be the most comfortable position for the both of them.

And they soon fell asleep, side by side, as they had done so many times before.

MacCready awoke at dawn the next morning, sliding off the mattress carefully so as not to disturb Luca. Although he'd spend forever lying beside him if he could he knew it was never safe to do so for long, especially out in the open.

The air was cold and damp, which he took particular notice of as he felt a cool breeze on his bare skin, making him shiver. He made an "oh!" sound of surprise and embarrassment as he looked down at his nudity, having completely forgotten they fell asleep that way.

Not wanting to spend another moment naked outdoors he frantically looked around for his clothes, grabbing his pants and putting them on as fast as he could once he spotted them. Next were his boots, which he took his time lacing up now that he didn't feel so vulnerable.

He sat on the roof to tie them, just a few feet away from their mattress, sucking in a sharp breath of discomfort at how cold the metal felt against his butt. After a few moments he heard Luca stirring and looked back over his shoulder at him, watching him slowly awaken. Luca rubbed his face before looking up at MacCready through blurry, squinted eyes, making the young man smile warmly.

"Well, good morning, sleepyhead."


He sat up carefully, checking out his surroundings, then looked down at MacCready's coat across his lap with a bit of a puzzled expression. Even several months after coming out of the cryo pod he still had moments where he felt disoriented and the world around him seemed unreal. And though he sometimes expected to he would never again wake up in his nice, comfortable bed in the beautiful home he once had, and the thought of it left him with a deep, unspoken sadness that always lingered in the back of his mind.

"Hey, are you alright?"

"Hm? Oh…yeah, yeah. I'm fine."

MacCready knew that wasn't quite true and scooted over to him, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him into a tight hug.

"Hey, I'm always here for ya if-"

"Shit! Your hands are cold!" Luca interrupted with a sudden shiver.

"Oh, heh, sorry! Sorry!"

MacCready rubbed them against Luca's back, quickly warming them up, and they held each other awhile longer, enjoying the closeness and the shared body heat. Luca sighed contentedly as MacCready also stroked the back of his head soothingly, nuzzling his cheek against his.

Though he always felt he didn't quite belong in this new world, and there were some things he knew he would never get used to, having this young man at his side through it all made living in these strange times actually seem worthwhile. (Not that he would tell him in so many words.)

"So…where do you think my shirt went?" asked MacCready, after a few more moments of quiet.

"You threw it off the roof, remember?"

"I…aw, crap, you're right!"

MacCready stood and hurried to the edge of the roof to look for it, stamping his foot and groaning aloud when he came to find it had happened to land in a muddy puddle.

"Oh, come on, you gotta be eff-ing kidding me!!"

Luca chuckled as he watched him run through the door and stomp his way down the metal staircase, listening to his angry footsteps clanging and echoing throughout the old building. He walked to the roof's edge at a much more leisurely pace, picking up his pants along the way, and was zipping them up by the time MacCready made it to the ground.

He laughed again when he saw the young man scowling as he held up his shirt, completely soaked and dripping with dirty water.

"Just my luck, right? Yep, go ahead, laugh it up. I know you're gonna."

"Well, who says you need a top anyway? You look good like that!" Luca teased, as he slipped his own shirt back on and buttoned it up.

"Yeah, I appreciate the compliment, but don't you think it's a little cold to be walking around half naked all day?"

"Oh, okay, hold on."

Luca dug around in their duffle bag for extra clothes, finding a worn-out old army fatigue shirt for him.

"Here, I'm coming down anyway. I'll just bring it to you." he said, making sure to pack up the rest of their things before slinging the heavy bag over his shoulder and heading downstairs.

MacCready held out a hand to take the shirt from him, but was instead surprised when Luca draped it over his shoulders and put it on him. He lovingly did up each button, leaving the two at the top open, and even straightened and flattened out the collar out for him.

"There you go."

"Thanks." said MacCready, smiling sweetly, and he gave the older man a quick peck on the cheek. "So are we ready to hit the road then?"

"Yeah, we may as well, we-…oh, wait-" he paused, reaching into the bag to pull out the young man's hat. "Here. Almost forgot something."

MacCready reached out for it but Luca put it on for him as well, purposefully pulling the brim down further than necessary just to poke fun at him a little more.

"Alright, now we're ready!"

MacCready giggled, giving him a playful shove, then took off his hat and adjusted it properly. Now that he knew all of Luca's teasing had just been his odd way of flirting with him all along he found it endearing (except when it was too harsh), and was more than happy to play along with it now.

And as they left the drive-in he couldn't help feeling a little wistful, knowing it would always be a "special" place for them, even if there was a chance they'd never come back. Luca caught him glancing back at it and gave him a knowing smile, having a pretty good idea what he was thinking about.


Date: 2017-04-22 09:39 pm (UTC)
beed: (WB slutty)
From: [personal profile] beed
ooomg OF COURSE this is written so well and full of rich imagery! I didn't lose the image in my mind's eye once tbh, which is difficult for me to do with writing!!!!

this just made me want to play some more cause there were times where it just felt so visceral, seeing 'cready scrounging and only finding caps, the dirty building with a hole in the roof, etc. etc. it just was so nice to be in this 'world' again, and to have Luca there and in charge was such a fun addition, too. ;w;

i loved how there had been tension beforehand and it just culminated into a frenzied frot+suck after checking each other out bahaha.... not to mention it was just written really well and TASTY, duh! I'd expect no less from you.
and I was SO over the moon that 'Cready stuck up for himself not wanting to get it up the bum hahaaha (it was cute and appropriate, and plus the frottage and BJ was amazing!)

and when they had to hide from the yao guai, i remembered the drawing you did and it just stuck out to me like OMG! there it is!! XD and i'm glad they made it out with only a bite on the ankle (and a checkup from mr. field medic back in the day ;o ooh la la )

this was great bb!!!!!! tension, friendship, respect, romance and sex, all written well, what's there NOT to love about this?!


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