Date: 2017-04-22 09:39 pm (UTC)
beed: (WB slutty)
From: [personal profile] beed
ooomg OF COURSE this is written so well and full of rich imagery! I didn't lose the image in my mind's eye once tbh, which is difficult for me to do with writing!!!!

this just made me want to play some more cause there were times where it just felt so visceral, seeing 'cready scrounging and only finding caps, the dirty building with a hole in the roof, etc. etc. it just was so nice to be in this 'world' again, and to have Luca there and in charge was such a fun addition, too. ;w;

i loved how there had been tension beforehand and it just culminated into a frenzied frot+suck after checking each other out bahaha.... not to mention it was just written really well and TASTY, duh! I'd expect no less from you.
and I was SO over the moon that 'Cready stuck up for himself not wanting to get it up the bum hahaaha (it was cute and appropriate, and plus the frottage and BJ was amazing!)

and when they had to hide from the yao guai, i remembered the drawing you did and it just stuck out to me like OMG! there it is!! XD and i'm glad they made it out with only a bite on the ankle (and a checkup from mr. field medic back in the day ;o ooh la la )

this was great bb!!!!!! tension, friendship, respect, romance and sex, all written well, what's there NOT to love about this?!
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