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So my internet problems continue to piss me off…some days it works for a longer time than others, but it ALWAYS only starts working at night and will stay on until early in the morning, and it’s both frustrating and weird af. (I still think something is wrong with either the modem or the dish to where it overheats or something and can’t work anymore when it’s too hot, but who knows.) But whatever, I’ll just deal with it until I leave, whenever that is!

The BF’s mom and dad just left on vacation for a few weeks, which means he and I can hang out there and I can use theirs while they’re gone. Supposedly their data reset after they paid the bill today? I’m not sure if that’s even true or not, but I guess I’ll see. I mean, the only way I could really see how much data is left is to log in to their online account, and ofc I can’t/won’t do that. :/

It’s pathetic and sad and also makes me feel like a total bitch that I’m glad they left on vacation just so he and I can have a place to hang out alone and be able to cook some food together and stuff. I want our own place so bad so it can be like that every damn day, and I hope we’re able to get back on track with that soon. I’ll talk about it again whenever I have more news there. ;_;

Anyway…other than that art stuff is all I’m ever focused on. XD Right now I’m trying to be less bitter about everything in regards to the usual attention thing. It seems like all the sites I’m on are a little more dead than usual lately, and a lot of people just aren’t around or have gone quiet, so what can you do? And the people who do comment/fav/reblog/etc are SO sweet and supportive and I’ve really been taking that to heart too. Not that I didn’t before, of course!! But lately, IDK why, it’s somehow been easier to focus more on all the nice ppl and their support rather than those who ignore me, and I sure hope this feeling lasts! XDD

And I’m still being indecisive about really making a new tumblr for the NSFW stuff. My main motivation for doing that would be to avoid “upsetting” my followers who seem to be…more sensitive to things, let’s put it that way XD, but then I think like…well, I kinda don’t want people following me anyway if they’d really be the type to pitch a fit over the relatively tame kinda shit that I draw so…maybe I ought to keep doing what I’m doing and hope that they would unfollow me without a fuss if I ever really do post something that offends. :/

Also been working a lot on my TH profiles too, and am happy to say I added the theme music back! (So important! XD) I decided that I like the idea of it too much to leave it out just because I can’t think of themes for all my OCs yet, and that it’s “okay” for some of their profiles to not all be exactly the same.

Date: 2017-07-17 10:45 pm (UTC)
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that IS weird with the internet only working at night? i think you're onto something about it being the heat, i mean.. as soon as you said it that made a lot of sense! :0 but still, how annoying!!! arghh. i can't wait till you're outta there and don't have to worry about such finicky bullshit like that!!

BTW i don't think wanting to be alone with your boo in a decent environment makes you a bitch! tbh that was my first thought when i read that y'all get to be alone bc of their vacation... "yay finally some space!" lol. srsly, especially concerning the place you normally are stuck at, yeah, i'd say it's not pathetic or sad at all to be very happy over this current situation playing out conveniently. ♥

things do seem quiet lately concerning all the 'art' websites now that you mention it... i would say its artfight but no way man, i think maybe its just summer vacation means the brunt of the adolescents/kids that spam these websites are gone fishin' lol. at least, that's my thought after considering it a quick spell.
and omg, that feeling of actually... FEELING... the appreciation of mutuals and supporters is always so lovely TwT!! i hope it lasts for you, too!!! AND JUST KNOW THAT I AM SO HAPPY THAT DESPITE ALL THESE SHITTY THINGS THAT KEEP CROPPING UP, im grateful that you find effort and time to post your works!! such an inspiration always and SO FUN. that's what i think of your work every single time ;w; ♥

the NSFW tumblr idea is a conundrum indeed! but if you're only worried about hurting some testy person's feelings... i'd say yeah, no worries and just keep posting! 8)!!! mwahaha

I NOTICED YOU PUT THE MUSIC BACK ON YOUR TH PROFILES AND IM SO HAPPY OMG bahahaha. i love how these profiles are getting updated, too!! ^o^ ♥ ITS ALWAYS so fun to go check your page and see all the new goodies or layout tweaks, it kind of reminds me of like, the olden days of the internet where you just had to go visit the specific pages to see if there was an update instead of getting notifs everywhere! XD a fun easter egg hunt type of deal!!!

P.S. i am BAFFLED that my dreamwidth apparently moves fast enough that this was on the third page of my friends list 'reading page'????? i mean like everyone writes a lot on here so maybe that's why, but still, the third page? I'M GLAD I FOUND IT OTL


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