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I can't believe it's almost time for our trip already! (Thursday!) I'm still feeling kinda nervous about how everything is going to go down, but it should all be a lot of fun, too. (And as always I'm a little worried I'm forgetting to do something, but, well...hopefully not. XD)

And omg, Sabaton! It will be weird seeing them without Thobbe in the group anymore, (he just HAD to quit so I can never see my OTP onstage together anymore *cries*) but still super excited to see them ofc. Looking at their setlist from other shows they've done so far this tour it seems they're playing a ton of songs from the newest album, which is totally cool with me (and what I expected anyway XD), though I was surprised when the BF mentioned they're not doing "Metal Crüe" anymore. They always used to!! :O

AND I feel ridiculous for not mentioning this sooner, but with what happened last time I made a post I didn't get around to talking about it 😔, sister had her baby and was able to take her home right away and everything, so I was glad to hear everything went so well with that! I haven't seen her yet, though. (IDK, we don't really see each other that often in general even though we don't live far away from each other. *shrug emoticon*)

Other than that I've been doing a lot of thinking about OCs and stuff and wanting to work more on their profiles again. There's a lot of little things I can think of that I'd like to add but, like...I don't really know how to categorize it (if that makes any sense), and I probably wouldn't want to go into as much detail with ALL of my OCs, either. (I guess it should be expected that more minor characters would have shorter bios, but at the same time I always feel compelled to make every one of them have all the same amount of info. Ugh.) And I never want to copy other people's profiles either, but sometimes I'll see ones other people made and be like "aw, man, I want to add that kind of info to my character, too!!"

But with all of this stuff going on in my head I just wish I could like...focus better. I'll find myself sitting around all night getting nothing done even though there's so many different drawings I'm working on and want to start on, and things I need/want to write down or look into too. Well, if there's one good thing in all this it's that I at least have no shortage of ideas right now, and if I get bored with one thing I can go back to working on a different one for awhile. XD

Date: 2017-05-11 11:58 pm (UTC)
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oh boy, today's the day! i can't wait to hear how your trip goes! ♥

and nooooooo @ thobbe leaving D: that's always the worst. (player- 'baby come back' plays quietly in the distance) i'm sure they're gonna sound great still, though ;w;

and congrats to your sister! :o and i'm sure eventually you'll get around to seeing the bb and that'll be just fine. XD i know too well how it is with siblings and baby or no, sometimes the distance is better than forcing a visit. haha.

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL with the shorter bios for minor characters/secondaries!! arrrgh like it's just so hard to let the profiles be different haha.
but i'm glad you're adding so many bbs now, and it's been so fun to see them roll in!!! tbh, when i noticed frank and blake i lost my shit and when to town reading and re-reading their info. XDDD ♥ AND I'M STILL SO INTRIGUED ABOUT YOUR NASTAY THOUGHTS re: frank but that's totally off topic... (wheeze)
considering all these bastards out here wanna rip each other off anyway, you should totally add stuff that you want to! maybe i'm being selfish and mean but honestly if anyone deserves to keep piling on the info in their OC profiles, its you. your bbs are so developed and its so satisfying to learn more and more about them 😍

i feel you so hard on focusing too. somedays it goes really well and i get some shit done but most days its like... hours combined of procrastinating bc i got distracted. XDD but its sometimes great having these moments cos like you said... these are the times that ideas are at an all time high. ;w;


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